Being a clear channel for giving/receiving through Forgiving ❤

Let me present you an old friend of all of ours. It’s called Resentment and many times it wears the mask of anger, fear and sadness. Resentment comes from many catalysts brought to you by others. Things that have caused you pain most likely have brought Resentment into your life. Energetically it feels like a strong rejection that comes from the heart center and emanates on to the skin. It’s basically a shield.

This shield is made so that every time someone agrees with us about our friend Resentment, it grows thicker. In this way we justify its existence and therefore we create a short feeling of satisfaction. We feel proud of wearing it and sometimes we even brag about it.

Resentment is a hard one to let go. Our hurt ego believes that carrying that rejection towards others will maybe help the Universe take vengeance on the person (or people) who hurt us. We also may think that carrying that resentment will stop others from hurting us again. The funny thing is that none of this is true and no, karma doesn’t work like that. The Universe won’t make sure that the anger that came from your sense of injustice about a certain situation gets “evened”. The Universe doesn’t give out of pain, it gives out of love.



So what is the next step after letting Resentment into our life? Allowing it to come out of our lives by using the art of Forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a very wide term yet it is very simple. It requires receiving a true sense of relief that can only come when we let go of our shield and we let ourselves be vulnerable again. Being vulnerable means that we are open to receive and it also means we accept we might get hurt again. It also means that we recognize that the truth within cannot be diminished or vanished by any external appearance. Finally it means we recognize we are always safe, we have our back and the Creator has it too.


And this all may sound like a lot of abstract concepts not applicable to the reality we live in, but believe me, they do. Let’s take for example a time where an authoritarian figure made us feel diminished for who we are, what we said or what we thought. This figure may be your boss at work, your teacher at school or one of your parents for example. Your reaction to him/her may have been being silent, feeling incapable of handling the situation and feeling bad about yourself. You may have also reacted with anger, telling him/her he/she should stop and back off. In a sense in this second scenario you also felt like you weren’t capable of handling the situation (if it wasn’t by showing anger). After some time thinking over and over again about the unfairness of the situation, about how much you hate that authoritarian figure for what he/she did and so on, you finally arrive to a point where you need to forgive (only you can determine how long will it take for you to reach this point).

What has my experience taught me about the forgiving part?

  1. We all have distortions that may lead us to treating people not as we would like to be treated. We have all gone through life and collected a set of predispositions based mainly on memories of getting hurt. If we understand that this other person who hurt us has gone through a tough process that has lead him/her to act this way, we may get a step closer to forgiveness. We become more compassionate.
  2. Many times forgiveness isn’t asked for and this doesn’t mean we don’t need to forgive. Forgiving heals both sides consciously or unconsciously.
  3. Forgiving requires recognizing that you’ve played a part in the situation that hurt you. You also need to accept that the part you played could have also been better and you could’ve improved the situation in general.
  4. Because you played a part in all of this, you also need to forgive yourself and know that you can make any situation better. Your response is already a whole half of the interaction. You can turn things around always because you’re never a victim of your circumstances.
  5. Do your best, be open hearted and always do what is most aligned to what it’s needed for everyone involved including yourself. Once you learn to do this you will learn to truly give and therefore receive.

On my previous example of the authoritarian figure we may apply all of the steps described above. Steps 1, 2 & 3 allow us to see the authoritarian figure as someone just like us and so we may let go of our shield. We may even be able to see our reflection in them and see how we are reflecting back their behavior. Step 4 tells us that we can only respond in the most appropriate way if we let ourselves be vulnerable and if we let our hearts be opened. Finally, step 5 assures us that we can trust ourselves and our capability of managing a situation in the best way possible. This is how we know that the truth within cannot be diminished or vanished by any external appearance. Through step 5 we also learn that we can trust our greater guidance, if we listen. Every moment is a chance to learn and teach, a chance to look for the always existing love (as cheesy as it sounds).


I talk about this issue because it’s something we are always working on. It’s not a coincidence that I thought of this topic today and that also today starts Chiron retrograding (until December 5th). Chiron is a comet that represents the healer and it’s retrograding motion invites us to look inside of ourselves and go to the bottom of our underlaying issues. Healing doesn’t happen without pain and a great deal of healing comes from forgiveness. I invite us today and always to strive for an expansive and light hearted feeling. I invite us all to forgive.


Daniela ❥

New Moon in Cancer ♋

So here is a new experiment. I began learning about astrology some time ago and I’ve really enjoyed following up what goes on in the sky. Now, I feel like taking it into the next level! I want to start interpreting whatever is happening in my own way, see what comes up! Maybe we can all learn something about these readings and make use of the energy available.

luna nueva cancer

Above is a picture of how the sky will look like tomorrow (June 23rd) when the moon conjuncts the sun and becomes a New Moon in the second degree of Cancer at 8:30 pm in Bogotá, Colombia. Depending on where you are in the world the New Moon may happen the 24th of June instead.

The New Moon is a phase for introspection that allows us to plan and sow our desires and intentions. These days right before the New Moon are amazing for letting go of stuff that doesn’t serve us anymore in order to create space in our minds and hearts for the new intentions that we will be working on for the next month. The moon is at home when in Cancer, therefore our emotions are being exalted and we will identify very much with them.

There is also a gradual accumulation of energy in the cardinal signs of the zodiac (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). The Cardinal energy is about moving forward and initiating new projects, therefore this upcoming season will be great to cultivate and work for our desires once we clear our space for our New Moon intentions.

Additionally, there’s a stellium in the sign of Cancer right now involving the Sun, Mercury, Mars and soon the moon will be joining. This means that a lot of energy is being held in the Cancer area of our charts. Cancer represents the sense of home, our family and our past. In general we are being invited to rejoin with that sense of home that is more a feeling than a place. Anywhere you are in your life, no matter how uncomfortable your situation is, you must always be able to recognize that “home” is a feeling and therefore we are always able to come home. What makes you feel like home? Certain food, certain aromas or maybe treating yourself somehow? Writing, singing, drawing? Whatever it is don’t forget to do it if possible every day in your life. Your home ignites your sense of stability and we many times need to feel stable in order to make big changes in our lives and expand our comfort zone (our sense of home).


I’ve sensed that during this New Moon habits that are stopping us from recognizing and working in our inner home are coming to surface. This has to do with the Cancer energy of our past; what kind of home we had as we were growing up. Maybe we learned habits or ways of thinking that don’t promote the true sense of home and therefore they are showing up now in order for us to release them and live more accordingly to who we truly are. Saturn will be opposing the Moon reminding her that the way she feels is important but it’s not her absolute truth. She must act, feel and think accordingly to what she wants to bring into her world and this requires self-work. I’ve come to learn that is not only how we think we are or how we want to be, in order to be whom we truly want to be we have to commit and do the work.


In general terms, this is a very soft energy filled with need for nourishment. Let’s nourish ourselves and those around us. Let’s appreciate those who make us feel at home and let’s take charge for our own wellbeing. Happy days, new beginnings and self-care to you all!

PS: Make sure to tune into your intentions tomorrow. State them clearly and plan ahead how are you going to make them happen. Make use of your exalted emotions and imagine yourself already having what you want. Last, meditate and be grateful for all that is and will be ❋.

Daniela ❥






What is to truly learn from an experience

I am now writing a weekly blog about what is to learn in life and what is it that we can learn from life. Funny enough I came to notice something: On the process I’m also learning to learn. Not to mention that there are many people that don’t even know they can learn from whatever circumstances they are going through! This makes people not capable of recognizing that life doesn’t happen TO us but FOR us in every way every day.


Let’s take this slowly. How do we learn in life? Easy right? Through experiences. We live something that gives us a lesson, we carve it in our hearts and minds forever and then we consider ourselves ready to go for the rest of our lives knowing that every time we live something similar we must follow whatever lesson we learned in the past. Couple of non-personal examples:

Once I was riding my car and I didn’t slow down as I hit a bump in the road. Consequently, I got a flat tire. From that moment on I learned that every time I find a bump in the road I better slowdown or avoid it or else I will get a flat tire.

Works perfectly! Next example.

I had always been waiting for the love of my life and finally a couple of years ago I found someone with whom I could share the love that I was longing to share. Now after two years of being dating we decided we could no longer be together because he no longer feels as I feel about him. I’ve been heartbroken ever since and I don’t even want to admit it. From that moment on I learned that you can’t trust nobody and that not even time will assure me that someone isn’t going to leave me at any time, even if they promised they loved me.

If you ask me, this perfect learning formula that we’ve used for years isn’t bulletproof. Sometimes it fails and takes us further away from what we want to experience. How do I know that? Because I’ve come to learn that nothing in this world makes sense if we are not looking for expansion of ourselves and of our hearts.


So how do we know if our little formula is working? If the conclusion that you’ve come to after some experience you’ve lived makes you feel as if you’re contracting rather than expanding, then probably you’re learning something that comes from the hurting eyes of the ego rather than from the eyes of the truth (of God, of Creation, of the Universe or whatever you want to call it).

Inevitably consciously or unconsciously we’ve collected more “wrongly stated learnings” than we would care to admit. These learnings eventually become a frame of reference of how we see life and how we respond to it. Fortunately, we don’t get only one chance to learn something “the right way”. If we didn’t get it the first time, something similar will happen again and again and again until we get it right. Refreshing isn’t it? 😁

This is how I’ve come to find that learning actually works:

  1. A catalyst comes: Something uncomfortable happens TO me. I feel bad about something someone says, doesn’t say, does, doesn’t do or basically anything. Another way of learning something may not involve anyone. For example: I just feel too lonely.
  2. I go through denial. This is just something I can’t change. My circumstances, what happened to me, is just so strong that I can’t do anything about it. I just wish that whatever I experienced (or continually experience) could vanish from my life and never happen again. I start feeling worse about it.
  3. I distract myself from that uncomfortable situation over and over again hoping that ignoring it will make it go away. This may mean: grabbing an addiction of any kind, big or small… Mostly anything can be a way of running away from something.
  4. I finally sit with myself in silence (and by silence I mean silence of the mind). Either I journal, meditate or simply straight up talk to myself out loud. Am I facing a fear or blockage? Or am I just learning to skip a bump on the road while I’m driving my car? I swear, something comes up. Always. Finally I realize this something was happening FOR me (and not TO me) so that I could learn something big that will allow me to continue growing.
  5. I must take action accordingly to whatever is it that I found within myself that needs to change. I act accordingly to whatever learning I was receiving. If I don’t do this I will for sure keep experiencing the same issues over and over again.

And that my friends is how we grow in life.



We don’t need to go through all of the steps I just mentioned although many times we do it anyways because feelings demand to be felt and we not always know how to feel them properly. The things is, learning how to surrender to what we really need to learn is not easy, but it’s oh so worth it. We are all working on it little by little on our own way even if we don’t want to, so remember: trust, surrender, listen and grow.

Daniela ❥

What nobody talks about veganism

Nowadays being vegan is a matter of saving the world. If you have ever listened to a vegan speak, assisted to a vegan conference or seen a vegan documentary, you most likely know this: If you are vegan you are saving the world. Veganism is told to be about the animals, deforestations, greenhouse gases and ourselves. However, the prior statement is only half true like most of the “truths” we receive in our daily lives. I am  vegan, but just like in any other areas of my life, I’m a weird one. I came to veganism thanks to all of the current arguments that are in its favor, but further upon my path I figured that there was a lot more to veganism and that its understanding required more than what I initially thought. In order to be in peace with myself and others I couldn’t maintain the type of mindset that I initially had when I became a vegan. If veganism is bringing you rage, insatisfaction, a feeling of guilt, a feeling that you are carrying the burden of the world that nobody else is, then I’m sorry to tell you, you’re doing it wrong.


Animals are living beings. This is completely true and I agree that is something that has been rather ignored for hundreds of years. We still see many types of animal torture in circuses, meat factories, farms, zoos, in the streets or even in the house right in front of ours. It is a fact that the realization that other life forms inhabit our world should be an eye opening issue that compromises us to live in harmony with them. But do we need to take it against ourselves if not everybody knows this yet? Do we gain anything from feeling hate and disgust towards anyone that doesn’t care to respect other’s lives? We can nothing but spread the message, create awareness and let each individual go through their own path of evolution. Some people may be filled with infinite hate from experiences we completely ignore, some others may be entirely unaware of the harm that they are doing. Yet just like everything else in life, nobody is going to take a decision for them but themselves. Nobody is going to change them but themselves.

Take into account that plants, just like animals and ourselves have a life. If we are meant to love and respect all life on earth aren’t we meant to love and respect their life as well? Are we going to die of hunger just because I did this former statement? No. We deserve to live as much as any other living being on this planet. If we came to this point then we would be arguing that “hurting” or “dying” was in fact “wrong”. And the following may come surprising to many but: no, it isn’t wrong. It is all part of life and life may sometimes seem wrong even though it isn’t. Sometimes we need to get hurt in order to improve or we need to fall in order to rise. The universe takes care that we receive our most needed experiences every day of our lives and it does it with love.

So why am I a vegan anyways? Once I realized that all of the above was true I came to a crisis within myself. Was I being vegan based on a big fat lie that only brought me to a further separation to everything else around me? Had I fallen into hate when really I was looking for love?

The answer was: yes I was and no I wasn’t.


In order to find true love in veganism, in my lifestyle and in my diet I had to forgive myself and others. I really and truly had to come to peace with myself and with my unmeasured desire of wanting everything to be “right”, to be as it “should be”. I had to realize that there was a sense of perfectness as well in every “mistake” or “thing gone wrong with the world”. I’m not denying that there’s a need for people to step up, be their true-selves, believe in the true magic they carry, recognize their power, use it… But just as in any other aspect of our lives we have to learn to love our present in order to manifest the future that we want. One of the most powerful magnetic forces in life is gratitude. And gosh do I feel grateful for the world we live in. Secondly, and consequently I had to love myself. I mean love myself completely and fully. I was no longer eating in order to satiate an unmindful impulse that came from my physical instinctive body. I was no longer starving in the hope of not killing anyone in the process. That love had to come forward and expand from within and unfold towards others. If I don’t live in a world where every other person had my same believe system am I going to reject them or disqualify them? No. I was coming to love and if one of my ways of coming to it was to be vegan, then I would but I would do it in peace.


Have I ever missed eating meat, chicken, fish or pork’s flesh? No I haven’t, not for a second. Have I missed other animal products? In the beginning I did. I missed dairy and therefore I had an occasional cheese. Gradually the “need” faded and I realized how my body felt in different levels when consuming these kind of products. However, I can tell you is not necessarily an easy process. Is like a change of habits. Becoming vegan or vegetarian may require a change of mindset in very different levels of your existence. Obviously if you no longer want to crave something that you ate daily then you have to pack yourself with true rational and “higher vibrational” reasons for it. For this, do your research and come to know yourself. Medical based articles I’ve find the most astonishing and convincing, but look up for whatever topic you feel interest. Is like quitting coke or cigarettes. Your body will ask for it but now you will no longer want it because it no longer serves you. Like any other change in life it may require a process. One where you accept that sometimes you go off the rail track and you fall into the old patterns. If this happens, forgive yourself, love yourself. You and your body may need this. Attachment towards food is not only about good taste, there are also memories, feelings of satisfaction, reward, warmth… Open yourself to the possibility of experiencing new foods, find wonder in mixing new flavors and creating that which you crave not only on a physical level. There are thousands of foods left to try in this world. Find love in your kitchen not only towards yourself but also towards EVERY other living being that surrounds you (including other humans). Remember that all that society is used to eating has its own additives and craving these foods is a, to say the least, very easy task.

Is it veganism for everyone? I don’t know. We all come from different backgrounds. Yes, today’s nutritional science has shown that veganism may decrease and prevent some of the most deathly diseases. Yes, there have been various carcinogenic substances related to animal products. Yet, I give to you the choice that you have always had: Come to know yourself. You may not become vegan now or ever… Maybe it wasn’t meant for you. Ok, then go ahead and give yourself a chance to discover yourself through every choice and action you make, even your food. How does the food you eat make you feel about yourself? How is your relationship with food and others? Who knows, maybe one day you’ll stop craving meat, maybe you won’t. Either way, may your decision be filled with love in the way that best suits your earthly experience. Don’t feel shame of being you, that’s the only thing you came here to do.

Daniela ❥


How is it to love

Hi! I’m starting this crazy journey where I actually share what I’m thinking with people I know and others that I don’t know but somehow I seem to trust. When I started writing this entry I took a deep breath and started wondering what was going through my mind recently and here it goes: How is it to love?

Deep one, huh? Love is the composing structure of life. It holds shit and non-shit together! And I don’t mean romantic love, I mean all kinds of love. Loving is an effortless extremely difficult process. Teaching another person to love you is an impossible task, believe me. It’s like we say here in my country: “¡Si le nace, le nace!”, which means that if someone feels like doing something for you, they will do it. There’s no middle point where they almost felt like doing it and finally didn’t do it or couldn’t do it.

Nevertheless, as I said, love is effortless. If you really want to feel love do me and yourself a favor: Close your eyes, sit still, focus on your breath and feel that whatever-something that surrounds us all. Feel it within the silence of your sacred space (room, corner of a room, or even just the space that holds the air that surrounds you) and recognize there is no rationality to this: love just exists and it’s everywhere.


Even if love is not something we can teach or learn, here goes a list of things you can do to take consciousness of the love that is always present. This list also applies to things you may want to do in order to love others and yourself better:

  1. If you are afraid you are not going to love, you are going to be afraid instead. When you create a bond with someone you’re creating a compromise to show them love in whatever way you agreed to express it. Only the relationships where you commit to show love in a way that is true to your nature is a true felt-hearted relationship. Now, if you are afraid, you WILL NOT be able to love someone truly because fear creates contraction and repression of your true feelings. Don’t do this to yourself or others, people deserve to know how you love them, why you love them and who you are.
  2. Be yourself, be yourself, be yourself, be yourself and finally be yourself… I sort of mentioned this in the last point because it is THAT important. If others don’t love you for who you truly are they are not worth your time. You came to this planet because you are the only person who is able to play the YOU part of the play. Do so.
  3. Accept and forgive. If we are talking about self-love here, accept you are human and you are bound to make mistakes. Accept that you’ve been through highs and lows and that sometimes life has taken a toll on you and on the way you interact with other people and yourself. You’ve most likely been wounded, hurt, lied, rejected, ignored and so much more! And all of this has brought you to patterns you wouldn’t want to live. And it is OK, we are free to welcome change but we first need to forgive. When it comes to loving others know that they are technically no aliens to life and that they have their own issues too! Accept them. Most importantly, sometimes you’ll have to forgive them even if they didn’t ask for your forgiveness.
  4. Know your limits. Limits are the Kale of the “fruit smoothie” of relationships. No but really. While writing this I feel tempted to yell at the top of my lungs: HEALTHY BOUNDARIIIEEEES!!! We can forgive, accept and care about others and still know our limits. Know yourself enough so that you know what you are willing to do for another person and what you’re not. Know what is no longer healthy for you, what is sustainable and what isn’t and honor that. You deserve as much as you are giving.

So how is it to love? What if we all feel it every day and we don’t even notice. Maybe we can start noticing more often if we commit to it.
What was like love for you today?

Daniela ❥