You didn’t come to this earth to become a better person

I know I haven’t written in a very long time. And I’m not going to make excuses about it. Writing is something that I know will be consistent throughout my life but for now, words weren’t flowing and I think it was necessary. Sometimes I need silence, sometimes I need to re-think what I’ve learned and re-evaluate what I want to share and why do I want to share it.

I’ve changed. I’m not the same person I was when I started this blog. Change has brought me to places that I never thought I would be. Very uncomfortable places followed by places of complete ease and I needed all of those places in my life.

I still follow astrological movements here and there. Yesterday for example it was a full moon in Virgo. Most of the planets are in Pisces at the moment and I have to say I love their placement right now. I’m having a conjunction between my natal moon, Mercury and Venus (They were all in the same placement in the sky). For this reason or whatever other, yesterday was a very silent and beautiful day for going inwards for me. The Virgo moon opposing all of the planets brought me insides about how my thoughts were blocking my desires and how I was doing this on a daily basis. It took some time going wound-searching to finally bring light to what was coming up for me.


What I want to share with you today is actually pretty simple, but I hope it serves you well. If anything I ever write here resonates at some level with you, take a look at your heart and see if this same knowledge is hidden within you. Is there something more for you? Did I miss something? Tell me if you wish to or just listen to yourself, to your truth within.

Upon the full bright moon yesterday I catched myself criticizing me for what I’m not doing right. For whenever I fail. And I know it has different degrees for everybody. Some people are really hard on themselves and actually hate their beings and others just silently think: I should’ve done this better, I’ve learned this before why can’t I apply it, I shouldn’t be mad at this situation because I know better, and whatever else you can imagine. This subtle instances of realizing you need to IMPROVE are expressions of deep rooted judgment towards yourself. Judgment because you’re not good enough, because you need to change this and that, because you failed yourself and/or others again…


Do you see this?

Here’s what doesn’t feel real anymore about the continuous judgment that I put myself through for many many years of my life: I don’t need to improve and neither does anyone. What? Shocked over there? Probably.

We are complete, whole and perfect. Our spiritual body, our core truth knows this. Yes, we are on a human experience and we are not to know physically that we are one, nor that we are energy, nor that we are interdimensional infinite beings, nor that Love/God is all there is. There’s a veil that we can’t see that is there for us to learn pass the appearances of life. I seem imperfect, all of the other people out there seem imperfect. Yet here we are, being perfect.

So what really is it? What is that we came here to do if it isn’t to improve? We came to see ourselves and others, know ourselves and others, and become clearer channels for light and love. There are deep layers of lies we have told ourselves over lifetimes that have created energy blockages within our bodies (all of our bodies, not just the physical one).  And so this lies and “defense” systems that we’ve managed to put within ourselves create little walls that stop energy from flowing more freely within us and through us. Can you recognize love for what it is and observe that those walls that you’ve built are no longer necessary? Then my friend, you’ve welcomed more light into your being and so you have learned a lesson of love.


But, always remember. You are perfect and those little walls you built don’t make you any less than one who doesn’t have that wall. That wall doesn’t make you imperfect, less capable or less you. However, that wall did came to you to teach you how to find love where you couldn’t see it and to find unity where there was separation. You’re bound to make mistakes and that doesn’t make you imperfect. You can and will do better, but your walls won’t fall upon your self-judgment. It’s up to you to love your current state. Love every single piece of it. You are loved on ways we can’t even begin to imagine. Just by realizing all of this, you would have just found you are now a greater carrier of light. Maybe, this is a chance for you to throw down a little wall.


Thank you for reading.


Daniela ♡



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