That unexplainable something called Emotions. 🌊

Hi once again dear readers. To be honest I wrote a long and detailed blog that I never posted and now that I’m re-reading it I don’t like it at all! It’s funny when this things happen because I guess it shows we’re not in the same mindset we were before, we have changed. Personally, this is awesome because when I wrote the last blog that I didn’t post, I wasn’t feeling at my best.

So allow me to rip and scratch all of my previous virtual pages that you didn’t even read and start all over again. See? That’s how easy it is to get a fresh start. (Let that sink in)

Today I want to write about emotions, that’s it. So let me elaborate a little further. It’s common knowledge that there are many external and internal factors that eventually translate into our emotional state of being. Emotions aren’t the center of the Universe (although many times I think they wish they were since they’re very good attention seekers). Personally, I have very strong emotions and for this reason I’ve been called to think about them more than usual. What are their purpose? Why do I feel like this? Why won’t they leave me alone?

But to answer these questions let’s back up a little. There are external and internal factors that affect our emotional state. Can anyone deny this statement? I think not, at least not the vast majority of people. We were taught that this was the way of things and many times -if not all of the times- when we feel a certain emotion, we point our fingers to an external factor which we cannot control and we make it responsible for how we feel.  As a result, we become victims of that factor and therefore we sit and wait for it to stop or to go away.

Now you see what I see? This just doesn’t sound right. We aren’t supposed to be victims of any of the situations we ever face. I don’t think we’re meant to be victims of our emotions or of any factor that may afect them. I mean, we co-create this experience, we are the Creator and there’s nothing outside of the Creator. So how can we stop being slaves of our emotions? It’s been a hard one for me. When something hurts, bothers or stings in the bottom of the heart, it seems completely out of our control.


By: Annie Tarasova

Another thing that I’ve learned is that blocking your emotions simply isn’t a solution. Very few quotes have ever stroke me as hard as this one: That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt. This is so true…

Whenever you go against your emotions know there’s no winning the battle. Why? Because you’re just perpetually denying a part of yourself that, although it is uncomfortable, needs to be heard. If you want to follow a path of service to others you must accept thyself and others. Every single aspect. That’s right, acceptance is a hell of a reality check. Acceptance is not the same as giving up before starting, but it is the same as finding true, complete and whole love in everything that is NOW. Once again, including yourself.


Sloppy drawing by me ☆╮

Here are some things that definitely create an emotional blockage:

  1. Not being heard or not making yourself be heard. I think here comes the importance of compassion. Compassion is not a matter of feeling sad for one another and continue dialoguing about all that is hurtful in life. It could turn into this type of practice but I don’t advice this to anyone. Nonetheless, having compassion towards others and being heard and felt is ver important for healing; especially if there’s someone else involved in your pain. If you can, let the other person know how you feel. If the other person “is able to feel you”, he/she will know where you come from and you will feel relieved, even if you made incorrect assumptions or if you were wrong about everything. Know you have the right to be heard and that you can make yourself be heard. Also know that not being heard can also be an issue from self to self. As I said, many times we just want to throw all of our feeling down the drain and by doing this we’re just ignoring ourselves. Go with a clear mind, sit with yourself, let the wounds be exposed while you talk, write or simply feel…
  2. Feeling like someone doesn’t understand you or that nobody understands you. Let’s get this straight. Believe me, most of us understand what you are going through. We are all living and many times living isn’t easy. Don’t think you’re a strange specimen that has had the unique privilege to taste pain, we all have. Also, don’t get confused, this isn’t the same as the last item. The feeling of not being understood comes when you express your feelings to someone and they are just not capable of connecting to you. I mean, they are not really listening. Take into account the following things:
    • Most likely there is someone in the world that understands your situation.
    • That someone else understands your situation isn’t something that will determinate your capacity of growing through your experience.
    • You’re not alone.
    • You’re strong.
    • You can look pass your pain at any time.
    • You’re the Creator (and so is everything else), step into your power.

Here comes a breaking point. When you are feeling all of these stuff, you can and in many cases you should talk to someone that listens. Just the fact of having someone listening to you alleviates what could be days, months, years or lives of emotional build up. The importance of talking to someone is that it gives you a clear mind that will help you to move forward. On the other side, don’t become dependent on this type of help. There is continuously less need for emotional build up as you begin to know yourself more and more. Why? Because you become responsible for yourself, including your emotions.


Emotions are a beautiful thing and I will always believe this to be true. The reasons why emotions exist I think are the following:

  1. They are perfect alarms that let us know when something is out of balance within ourselves. Not within others, within ourselves. What may be out of balance? Control issues, attention issues, the “always wanting to be right issue”… They are many, you name them. Other people involved may also need to learn something from the experience, but it shouldn’t have an emotional grip on you no matter who is supposed to learn the most out of the situation.
  2. They connect us on this physical experience. From what I’ve learned, emotions don’t really exist in many other dimensions, experiences, etc. They are just this awkward additional device we were given that allows us to see everything more vividly. Sometimes in a convenient matter, other times in an inconvenient matter (whatever we choose). Emotions I think allow an additional energy exchange that, for the best or the worse, has the potential to heal us and to connect us on deeper levels. Emotions I think may become an additional reflection of how whole we can feel on the inside once we arrive to that point of our evolution. I think those who were gifted with strong emotions have the opportunity to facilitate to others that sense of Oneness once they’ve acquired it themselves. I think this because emotions are extremely contagious (if we allow them to), but this is only a theory of mine.
  3. They make part of the veil that accompanies this experience, they help us grow. While being here on Earth there will always be uncertainty. The whole point of coming here to this experience was that we could forget all that is true so that we could voluntarily go back “home” (to what is true). Forgetting and having that veil allows us to have free will and therefore take decisions that will either way (no matter what we choose) teach us something about what is true. Emotions aren’t truth by themselves, they are completely subjective. They are just like an imaginary maple syrup on imaginary pancakes, if we pour the right amount they make everything taste better. ❀


I hope you enjoyed this reading and I hope that if you are strong feeler you feel encouraged to dig deeper into your deep emotions. Show the world how beautiful they are!

Sending you love always,

Daniela ♡




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