Let yourself be guided ✨ (And learn how to while playing Rummi Q)

Hi! It’s been a while. At the beginning when I started writing on the Internet I was pulling articles every week from under the slieve non-stop. It was as if I wanted to tell so much to the world that I really didn’t have to put effort to write something that was meaningful to me. Once the rant of things inside my head that wanted to be spilled out into the world was diminished, inspiration decided to quit its job from the writing department and silence began to govern my thoughts.


It wasn’t as if I really didn’t have anything to talk about, because I did. I just didn’t want to share it, I felt too out of place. I can’t not walk my talk, I can’t transmit what is truth if I’m not aligned with my own truth (I think this applies to everybody). And in this case the truth is that for the last couple of weeks I’ve been facing my own fears, distortions and more fears just as any other human being on Earth does (consciously or unconsciously). I couldn’t distract myself any longer from doing the work (even though it’s not really my intention to get distracted). I’m learning so much about the compromises I have with myself, about how to be with myself, about how to touch into my intuition and inner guidance, about my inner home and how to attend it… But funny enough, that’s not what I want to write about.

This past Sunday I was playing Rummi Q with some family members. If you’re unfamiliar with Rummi Q, it’s a board game and just as any board game is based on a little bit of luck. Here’s how it looks like:

rummi q

The basic rules you need to know are that the whole point of the game to get rid of all of your tiles (you begin with 14 of them). You get rid of the tiles either by making groups of three or four tiles of the same number or by making groups of minimum 3 tiles of the same color that increase in order (i.e.: 1,2,3 or 10,11,12). When you can’t do anything with the tiles that you have, you take a tile from the pool. Here’s where the “luck” factor comes in: depending on what you get from the pool you’re either stuck forever or finally free to get rid of lots of tiles! Lastly you need to know that the tiles that other people discard may be of your use. You can take advantage of them and build new combinations using both, the tiles that you have and the tiles that other people have discarded.

Well, this is what happened when I was playing. I don’t believe in luck nor do I believe in things happening for no reason. Everything has a cause. Another thing I believe is that the Universe is always playing in my favor. As long as I’m doing my part the Universe will be creating space for me to move where I want to move (and this applies to all of us). In fact, even if we are not getting what we want, the Universe is always playing in our favor since He/She knows what we really want on a deeper level is not to have what we think we want but to learn what we need to learn no matter what. Yes, we want to grow and ultimately we want to reunite with our one and only infinite God/Creator/Universe.

So I started experimenting while playing.

According to one of the Seven Hermetic Principles: As Above so Below and As Below So Above. This means that everything bigger, higher or whatever you want to think of it, follows the same principles of that which is smaller or lower and vice versa. This principle is said to be universal and it can be used on different mental, physical or spiritual planes. The most evident expression of this principle here on our physical experience is Sacred Geometry. Dig more into the topic if you feel interested, it’s fascinating (here is a good place to start).


Because I not only believe in what I share and what I think of this experience on Earth, I applied the principles I knew about life into this little game called Rummi Q. How you say? Well I repeated myself: I trust in the ways of the Universe, I trust I have all what I need, I trust I’m given what I’m needing even if I don’t know I need it… and so it shall all serve me.

My rational mind during the game was doing its thing. Calculating what moves to do next and what tiles did I need so that I could get rid of them all. Every time I was going to take a tile out of the pool I thought: I think I need a 13, but I’ll let you decide what serves me best (Universe/God). Funny enough it always worked not because I got the 13 I was looking for, but because I was open to the options that I was given and I received them as the divine gift that they are.

Now clearly I’m not talking about a simple game here, I’m talking about how life works! We can’t and we won’t have control over everything that will happen to us in our lives. Therefore I don’t have control over what tile will I reach for when I pull it out from the pool. So how can we create our reality? We play with the tiles we have and we either use them wisely or we curse them. It requires the trust and faith that many people claim and that very few actually have. In this sense we let go of our expectations of reaching for a 13 and we know that everything that comes will work in our favor.


The other participants in the game are also very important, they re-accommodate the conditions of the game continuously without knowing they may or “may not” favor us. If you get a tile that it’s completely out of context of what you were thinking, maybe someone will make you see it was useful, but it was a little bit ahead of time. Once again, same goes for real life. You never know what external factor that you’re not conscious of at the moment may favor you unexpectedly in your way.

Finally, I learned minds get easily stuck in one way of doing things. The logical path says: first do 1, then do 2 and finally 3. Because there is no way of getting to 2 at the moment my mind will either tell me: don’t do anything because you won’t get to 3, keep complaining about how you can’t get to 2 or sit and wait until 2 is available for whatever reason. That is just like not playing because the 13 numbered tile won’t come out for me. But once again, that’s what many of us do. People don’t trust divine timing, the divine ways of being or whatever is they are receiving (usually) and I believe it shouldn’t be this way.


People have been asking for years and years over and over again: What is the meaning of life. My answer is: If you believe there’s a meaning, live as so. If you want to give life a meaning give every aspect of your life a meaning, don’t only give a meaning to the “big stuff” like graduating college, finding a new boyfriend/girlfriend or traveling the world. Give meaning to the board game you play on weekends and everything in between…

Let me know how it goes.

Daniela ❥

PS: Know that every time the Universe is playing in your particular favor it’s also playing on everybodies’s favor. Sometimes that means that we aren’t supposed to “win” because that’s how the lesson we needed is be better given at that specific moment. At that same time the Universe is not only thinking on how to deliver this teaching to you but also to everybody that surrounds you. This means that we’re always living whats best for us, for others and for everyone and everything as a whole (yes, we are one).


2 comentarios en “Let yourself be guided ✨ (And learn how to while playing Rummi Q)

  1. I do the same with my father while we play Parcheesi. After feeling the flow of the universe you can call with a clear intention (very important) for things to work your way (as long as is in harmony with everything it’ll work). Start with small tasks like drawing the correct card and experiment with that into more complex situations. And always know what what you do can and will pay back. Do everything with joy and love. The most important thing is a clear and very centered intent with full confidence on what you’re doing.
    Good job, keep studying yourself and feel the magic 😆😳😁😄

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