If you’re ready to receive, let go… ðŸŒ€

I don’t know if you have noticed, but this hasn’t been a walk on the park kind of week. It’s almost as if we are being reminded of some reoccurring patterns that we thought where long gone (square between Venus and Neptune yesterday). We thought they were out of our system ever since March- April, but the memories of it are still beating and therefore we may feel as if these patterns had never left. Depending on the work you have done on yourself during this year, these patterns may actually be gone, they may need a last goodbye before we can flush it out of our system or they may still be there waiting for us to acknowledge them. This week’s square configurations between Uranus and Mars and Uranus and Sun will make sure to show us what our true situation at the moment is. If we were ignoring something in the past, it is coming up again.


Whatever is your case, I wanted to write this blog post for the sanity of all of us. Many times we ask for stuff, for feelings, for a state of mind that we would like to reach… From my own experience I feel like many people pray to God for exactly this reason. They feel that they are lacking therefore they need to ask for more. Through my experience here on Earth I have found that I don’t find sense in these prayers. Asking for things constantly because I don’t feel comfortable about my present moment takes me away the joy of being present and doesn’t make me grateful for this moment, which is actually perfect (with and without the things I think I want).


Let’s look at this from another perspective. Many people say: “God will never give you more than you can handle”. People look at this phrase and think of it as reassurance that whatever situation they are in, they will be able to go through it because God knew they could do it. I’m not taking credit away from this interpretation. In fact yes, the Creator constantly configures what might be best for us to experience so that we can learn what we should be learning. In other words yes: he knows we can go through it. Moreover, everything we are living right now we already agreed to live on a subconscious level and deep down we all know we can go through it. (Let’s sum the whole thing up like this, although remember we’re not separate from each other nor from the Creator)


Art by: Alex Grey

Now let’s look at the same phrase from another point of view. “God will never give you more than you can handle”. This statement also shows that nothing that you’re not ready to receive will ever come to you. Maybe you’re not ready to meet the love of your life because you haven’t learned to love yourself and if you met him/her you would screw it all up. Maybe you haven’t gotten that wonderful job you always dreamed of because you don’t feel strong enough to actually go and do it or go and look for it. Maybe you first need to feel capable of receiving, creating, reaching… and then you will receive.

So what do we need in order to receive? Let go. Make space. Make ourselves capable of handling. This week is all about this: Make space, clear your path and walk your talk.


And how we let go you ask? Sometimes I wish I knew the exact recipe. From my experience I can tell you the following:

  1. There’s nothing we can let go if we don’t consciously subscribe to our full time job called Life. There’s nothing you can change unless you become aware of yourself, of your being, of your thoughts, emotions, intuition, achievements and failures.
  2. Don’t be hard on yourself whenever you “fail”. This one has been a hard one for me. Even if I understand that there’s no actual failure I can still recreate the emotional attachments to the situation over and over again. If such feelings come: feel them. But look past them, remember you’re not a victim of what’s happening to you. You don’t need to prove to anyone how you felt and how you felt is no longer how you feel. Be present.
  3. Know that letting go requires practice but it’s also easier than it seems. Letting go is just another way of change and it may require re-defining ourselves. Why do I say this is easy? Because you’re not the same person you were yesterday nor a year ago… Unconsciously we’re already changing from day to day so why not do it consciously? YOU define yourself.
  4. Write a letter to yourself, to whomever and then burn it. Sometimes you don’t have to burn it and just writing about it may be a relief in itself. I do it all the time. Another thing you can do is talk to someone, tell them to listen to you. Not to give you advice, not to judge you, not to play “the know-it-all” roll but just to listen to you. I can’t state how many people in this world feel like they are not being listened.
  5. Trust that once you’ve stated you want to let go, it is gone. Act accordingly. Many people want to let go and then go back to the whole issue because they want to recreate it all, because they still need to forgive… In other words, they don’t want to let go.

So, do you want to let go? Are you willing to create space so that you can receive? Use this week to the fullest for this purpose. Later on it will become more uncomfortable to let go and it will be even more necessary.

Daniela ❥




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