Feeling like a 13th of July 2017

Let’s talk about the available energy for this couple days near the moon’s last quarter that is happening on Sunday (on my side of the world) in Aries. Bellow you can see how the sky looks like today!


Today I found a really interesting configuration upon the sky and I just had to write about it. There’s a pentagram in the sky conformed by Mercury, Venus, Pluto, Jupiter and Neptune (who is sharing it’s placement with the Moon). A pentagram is a symbol of equilibrium between the different energies that compose our reality here on planet Earth. These energies are: Water, Earth, Fire, Air and Spirit. Let’s keep in mind that all elements are the same in essence although they carry different degrees of vibration in their physical form.


The arrangement of this pentagram brings us a feeling of equilibrium between us and the Earth if we choose to connect with it. It reminds us that we didn’t came here to prove anyone anything, we came here to do our job and be ourselves (our job is to be ourselves, our true selves). It also teaches us humility. It teaches us that our words may light up a whole room by the light that reaches to others through them, or it may darken it by the light it takes away from others due to our need for attention. We must keep our words and our thoughts true to ourselves, to what we truly are in essence, to our Spirit.

On the other hand, today we are reminded to trust our gut feeling, go with the flow of life and act on it. Today and tomorrow are wonderful days to connect with other people and work for our desires. We may have many ways we think we can achieve our desires at this point but this is actually because we are aligning to our best path in order to make it happen. We may need changes in our thought patterns or an expansion of our minds in order to really be able to follow our path, trust the process. On this moments be sure to be creative and to really feel what you’re feeling so you can let it go of it if it needs to go. Take time to listen to yourself in meditation today clearing all emotional baggage now that the moon is in Pisces joining not only Neptune but also the South Node.


Now that we’re talking about the moon, know that our emotions are being highlighted. We may be feeling dreamy today because of the close conjunction between the Moon and Neptune. Be careful and do not ignore things that you have to take care of before the eclipse season starts in August. Don’t lose your focus even if there’s a sense of blissfulness in your life at the moment. Know that having schedules, planning your day ahead, being on time and keeping promises are all ways to grow. In order to grow you need order and structure in your life, always.


Big changes are coming up ahead, trust and do your part. Life doesn’t always make things easy for us but it’s always because there’s a lesson that we’re reluctant to learn. A personal advice I have for you, from my heart to yours, is to step back away from the situation that’s hurting you and take a look at it from and other perspective. Stepping back may mean getting physically away from the situation or just closing your eyes, clearing your mind and taking yourself away from it. Seeing it from another perspective may require time or, once again, just closing your eyes and clearing your mind. There’s no better way of doing things, sometimes time allows us to process learnings that weren’t available for us in the past and that’s OK, it’s part of life! None of us come here knowing it all.

Spread the love people! 🌠

Daniela ❥


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