What do you expect from life?🎁❤

I’ve had a lesson or two about expectations along the past year or so. It wasn’t easy because expecting is something we commonly do. I mean, sit and think for a minute: How do you imagine your perfect relationship with someone to be? How would you like someone else to respond to something you say to them? Maybe you expected your life to become this thing that you imagined and it turned out to be something very different.

Expectations. All of the above are expectations.

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Expectations are also unavoidable to be honest. We will always think that a specific situation is more likely based on the patterns we’ve seen or on how we feel about that specific event happening. Maybe we fear the situation and therefore we expect it to happen or maybe we anticipate great joy from that scenario. Either way, expectations are a way in which our minds try to foresee and prepare us to what may happen. Oh how little does our mind knows about the limited control we have on the responses of others or on what could happen*. Truth is, we came here on earth with a sense of unknowingness, with lack of control of many things and it was all part of the game/learning process.



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So how can we manage ourselves once we face this situations where very few or none of our expectations were met? It is troubling. Many people when facing this situation start pointing out fingers towards the person who didn’t met their needs. “You weren’t careful about how I felt, you didn’t take into account my perspective, you could’ve responded in a nicer way and you could’ve said that in another tone”. In fact, if you analyze the situation, most of the arguments that you’ve ever had or ever will started from a crushed expectation or eventually became one. And there are two sides to this expectations story. Sometimes yes, it is important to let the other person know how they could’ve done better or how they could improve in general, and other times it is important to realize that these crushed expectations are nothing but an idealization of different situations that actually wouldn’t benefit any of the involved. Other times, it’s a mixture of both.


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Let me explain. If you haven’t noticed, there are many things in the world that are not what we would like them to be and that’s because it is part of what we came here to experience. I can assure you that many of the interactions you will ever have will not be as you expected. If you think of this you will find why it is very inconvenient to see the world through the lens of expectations and you can also see why this mindset has never completely worked out for anyone. On the other hand, if we were to see a situation/interaction with someone for what it is we would:

  1. Accept that which other people have chosen to portray or simply accept who they are. (Sometimes people may be not as you expect simply because it is not in their essence). In the case of a specific situation you would simply accept a situation for what it is and for what it has to offer.
  2. For me this is a fundamental one: see pass your emotional body and background. Emotions are not something to ignore and in fact we have to see what’s behind them in order to heal. However, in an active situation where you need to respond right away, try to see past them. What else would this situation be if I focus my attention pass the hurting feeling of the moment for example?
  3. Take advantage of the situation for what it is. What does it have to offer to you? Is it a chance to actually help someone not because you’re hurt or because you disagree with them but because they genuinely need it?
  4. Once you have been able to see pass the appearances I hope you will appreciate the love that lies within a situation. How did it bring a lesson for you and others and how did you play an active helping role in that particular instance? That’s the work we came here to do.

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This is a work of patience and practice. It is a work of love, faith and higher knowledge. When you are able to see pass the appearances of this experience you are working on a Higher Level of Consciousness. You are working with and for the one and only Creator as One.

I propose the evolution of the phrase:

If you expect nothing from nobody you are never disappointed” -Sylvia Path 

I would rather say:

” It is ok for you to expect things, just be aware that some gifts may not have the wrapping paper that you expected. If you can see the gift regardless of its wrapping, you will never be disappointed”

How have your expectations served you?


Daniela ♡


*One of the paradoxes of this experience is that we have very little control on some things and yet we are Creators of our own reality. We create a lot more than what we believe we do. Never forget the infinite potential you have. In fact, by acting conciously upon your responses, you are creating, molding and directioning any situation that comes upon you.


You didn’t come to this earth to become a better person

I know I haven’t written in a very long time. And I’m not going to make excuses about it. Writing is something that I know will be consistent throughout my life but for now, words weren’t flowing and I think it was necessary. Sometimes I need silence, sometimes I need to re-think what I’ve learned and re-evaluate what I want to share and why do I want to share it.

I’ve changed. I’m not the same person I was when I started this blog. Change has brought me to places that I never thought I would be. Very uncomfortable places followed by places of complete ease and I needed all of those places in my life.

I still follow astrological movements here and there. Yesterday for example it was a full moon in Virgo. Most of the planets are in Pisces at the moment and I have to say I love their placement right now. I’m having a conjunction between my natal moon, Mercury and Venus (They were all in the same placement in the sky). For this reason or whatever other, yesterday was a very silent and beautiful day for going inwards for me. The Virgo moon opposing all of the planets brought me insides about how my thoughts were blocking my desires and how I was doing this on a daily basis. It took some time going wound-searching to finally bring light to what was coming up for me.


What I want to share with you today is actually pretty simple, but I hope it serves you well. If anything I ever write here resonates at some level with you, take a look at your heart and see if this same knowledge is hidden within you. Is there something more for you? Did I miss something? Tell me if you wish to or just listen to yourself, to your truth within.

Upon the full bright moon yesterday I catched myself criticizing me for what I’m not doing right. For whenever I fail. And I know it has different degrees for everybody. Some people are really hard on themselves and actually hate their beings and others just silently think: I should’ve done this better, I’ve learned this before why can’t I apply it, I shouldn’t be mad at this situation because I know better, and whatever else you can imagine. This subtle instances of realizing you need to IMPROVE are expressions of deep rooted judgment towards yourself. Judgment because you’re not good enough, because you need to change this and that, because you failed yourself and/or others again…


Do you see this?

Here’s what doesn’t feel real anymore about the continuous judgment that I put myself through for many many years of my life: I don’t need to improve and neither does anyone. What? Shocked over there? Probably.

We are complete, whole and perfect. Our spiritual body, our core truth knows this. Yes, we are on a human experience and we are not to know physically that we are one, nor that we are energy, nor that we are interdimensional infinite beings, nor that Love/God is all there is. There’s a veil that we can’t see that is there for us to learn pass the appearances of life. I seem imperfect, all of the other people out there seem imperfect. Yet here we are, being perfect.

So what really is it? What is that we came here to do if it isn’t to improve? We came to see ourselves and others, know ourselves and others, and become clearer channels for light and love. There are deep layers of lies we have told ourselves over lifetimes that have created energy blockages within our bodies (all of our bodies, not just the physical one).  And so this lies and “defense” systems that we’ve managed to put within ourselves create little walls that stop energy from flowing more freely within us and through us. Can you recognize love for what it is and observe that those walls that you’ve built are no longer necessary? Then my friend, you’ve welcomed more light into your being and so you have learned a lesson of love.


But, always remember. You are perfect and those little walls you built don’t make you any less than one who doesn’t have that wall. That wall doesn’t make you imperfect, less capable or less you. However, that wall did came to you to teach you how to find love where you couldn’t see it and to find unity where there was separation. You’re bound to make mistakes and that doesn’t make you imperfect. You can and will do better, but your walls won’t fall upon your self-judgment. It’s up to you to love your current state. Love every single piece of it. You are loved on ways we can’t even begin to imagine. Just by realizing all of this, you would have just found you are now a greater carrier of light. Maybe, this is a chance for you to throw down a little wall.


Thank you for reading.


Daniela ♡


That unexplainable something called Emotions. 🌊

Hi once again dear readers. To be honest I wrote a long and detailed blog that I never posted and now that I’m re-reading it I don’t like it at all! It’s funny when this things happen because I guess it shows we’re not in the same mindset we were before, we have changed. Personally, this is awesome because when I wrote the last blog that I didn’t post, I wasn’t feeling at my best.

So allow me to rip and scratch all of my previous virtual pages that you didn’t even read and start all over again. See? That’s how easy it is to get a fresh start. (Let that sink in)

Today I want to write about emotions, that’s it. So let me elaborate a little further. It’s common knowledge that there are many external and internal factors that eventually translate into our emotional state of being. Emotions aren’t the center of the Universe (although many times I think they wish they were since they’re very good attention seekers). Personally, I have very strong emotions and for this reason I’ve been called to think about them more than usual. What are their purpose? Why do I feel like this? Why won’t they leave me alone?

But to answer these questions let’s back up a little. There are external and internal factors that affect our emotional state. Can anyone deny this statement? I think not, at least not the vast majority of people. We were taught that this was the way of things and many times -if not all of the times- when we feel a certain emotion, we point our fingers to an external factor which we cannot control and we make it responsible for how we feel.  As a result, we become victims of that factor and therefore we sit and wait for it to stop or to go away.

Now you see what I see? This just doesn’t sound right. We aren’t supposed to be victims of any of the situations we ever face. I don’t think we’re meant to be victims of our emotions or of any factor that may afect them. I mean, we co-create this experience, we are the Creator and there’s nothing outside of the Creator. So how can we stop being slaves of our emotions? It’s been a hard one for me. When something hurts, bothers or stings in the bottom of the heart, it seems completely out of our control.


By: Annie Tarasova

Another thing that I’ve learned is that blocking your emotions simply isn’t a solution. Very few quotes have ever stroke me as hard as this one: That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt. This is so true…

Whenever you go against your emotions know there’s no winning the battle. Why? Because you’re just perpetually denying a part of yourself that, although it is uncomfortable, needs to be heard. If you want to follow a path of service to others you must accept thyself and others. Every single aspect. That’s right, acceptance is a hell of a reality check. Acceptance is not the same as giving up before starting, but it is the same as finding true, complete and whole love in everything that is NOW. Once again, including yourself.


Sloppy drawing by me ☆╮

Here are some things that definitely create an emotional blockage:

  1. Not being heard or not making yourself be heard. I think here comes the importance of compassion. Compassion is not a matter of feeling sad for one another and continue dialoguing about all that is hurtful in life. It could turn into this type of practice but I don’t advice this to anyone. Nonetheless, having compassion towards others and being heard and felt is ver important for healing; especially if there’s someone else involved in your pain. If you can, let the other person know how you feel. If the other person “is able to feel you”, he/she will know where you come from and you will feel relieved, even if you made incorrect assumptions or if you were wrong about everything. Know you have the right to be heard and that you can make yourself be heard. Also know that not being heard can also be an issue from self to self. As I said, many times we just want to throw all of our feeling down the drain and by doing this we’re just ignoring ourselves. Go with a clear mind, sit with yourself, let the wounds be exposed while you talk, write or simply feel…
  2. Feeling like someone doesn’t understand you or that nobody understands you. Let’s get this straight. Believe me, most of us understand what you are going through. We are all living and many times living isn’t easy. Don’t think you’re a strange specimen that has had the unique privilege to taste pain, we all have. Also, don’t get confused, this isn’t the same as the last item. The feeling of not being understood comes when you express your feelings to someone and they are just not capable of connecting to you. I mean, they are not really listening. Take into account the following things:
    • Most likely there is someone in the world that understands your situation.
    • That someone else understands your situation isn’t something that will determinate your capacity of growing through your experience.
    • You’re not alone.
    • You’re strong.
    • You can look pass your pain at any time.
    • You’re the Creator (and so is everything else), step into your power.

Here comes a breaking point. When you are feeling all of these stuff, you can and in many cases you should talk to someone that listens. Just the fact of having someone listening to you alleviates what could be days, months, years or lives of emotional build up. The importance of talking to someone is that it gives you a clear mind that will help you to move forward. On the other side, don’t become dependent on this type of help. There is continuously less need for emotional build up as you begin to know yourself more and more. Why? Because you become responsible for yourself, including your emotions.


Emotions are a beautiful thing and I will always believe this to be true. The reasons why emotions exist I think are the following:

  1. They are perfect alarms that let us know when something is out of balance within ourselves. Not within others, within ourselves. What may be out of balance? Control issues, attention issues, the “always wanting to be right issue”… They are many, you name them. Other people involved may also need to learn something from the experience, but it shouldn’t have an emotional grip on you no matter who is supposed to learn the most out of the situation.
  2. They connect us on this physical experience. From what I’ve learned, emotions don’t really exist in many other dimensions, experiences, etc. They are just this awkward additional device we were given that allows us to see everything more vividly. Sometimes in a convenient matter, other times in an inconvenient matter (whatever we choose). Emotions I think allow an additional energy exchange that, for the best or the worse, has the potential to heal us and to connect us on deeper levels. Emotions I think may become an additional reflection of how whole we can feel on the inside once we arrive to that point of our evolution. I think those who were gifted with strong emotions have the opportunity to facilitate to others that sense of Oneness once they’ve acquired it themselves. I think this because emotions are extremely contagious (if we allow them to), but this is only a theory of mine.
  3. They make part of the veil that accompanies this experience, they help us grow. While being here on Earth there will always be uncertainty. The whole point of coming here to this experience was that we could forget all that is true so that we could voluntarily go back “home” (to what is true). Forgetting and having that veil allows us to have free will and therefore take decisions that will either way (no matter what we choose) teach us something about what is true. Emotions aren’t truth by themselves, they are completely subjective. They are just like an imaginary maple syrup on imaginary pancakes, if we pour the right amount they make everything taste better. ❀


I hope you enjoyed this reading and I hope that if you are strong feeler you feel encouraged to dig deeper into your deep emotions. Show the world how beautiful they are!

Sending you love always,

Daniela ♡



Let yourself be guided ✨ (And learn how to while playing Rummi Q)

Hi! It’s been a while. At the beginning when I started writing on the Internet I was pulling articles every week from under the slieve non-stop. It was as if I wanted to tell so much to the world that I really didn’t have to put effort to write something that was meaningful to me. Once the rant of things inside my head that wanted to be spilled out into the world was diminished, inspiration decided to quit its job from the writing department and silence began to govern my thoughts.


It wasn’t as if I really didn’t have anything to talk about, because I did. I just didn’t want to share it, I felt too out of place. I can’t not walk my talk, I can’t transmit what is truth if I’m not aligned with my own truth (I think this applies to everybody). And in this case the truth is that for the last couple of weeks I’ve been facing my own fears, distortions and more fears just as any other human being on Earth does (consciously or unconsciously). I couldn’t distract myself any longer from doing the work (even though it’s not really my intention to get distracted). I’m learning so much about the compromises I have with myself, about how to be with myself, about how to touch into my intuition and inner guidance, about my inner home and how to attend it… But funny enough, that’s not what I want to write about.

This past Sunday I was playing Rummi Q with some family members. If you’re unfamiliar with Rummi Q, it’s a board game and just as any board game is based on a little bit of luck. Here’s how it looks like:

rummi q

The basic rules you need to know are that the whole point of the game to get rid of all of your tiles (you begin with 14 of them). You get rid of the tiles either by making groups of three or four tiles of the same number or by making groups of minimum 3 tiles of the same color that increase in order (i.e.: 1,2,3 or 10,11,12). When you can’t do anything with the tiles that you have, you take a tile from the pool. Here’s where the “luck” factor comes in: depending on what you get from the pool you’re either stuck forever or finally free to get rid of lots of tiles! Lastly you need to know that the tiles that other people discard may be of your use. You can take advantage of them and build new combinations using both, the tiles that you have and the tiles that other people have discarded.

Well, this is what happened when I was playing. I don’t believe in luck nor do I believe in things happening for no reason. Everything has a cause. Another thing I believe is that the Universe is always playing in my favor. As long as I’m doing my part the Universe will be creating space for me to move where I want to move (and this applies to all of us). In fact, even if we are not getting what we want, the Universe is always playing in our favor since He/She knows what we really want on a deeper level is not to have what we think we want but to learn what we need to learn no matter what. Yes, we want to grow and ultimately we want to reunite with our one and only infinite God/Creator/Universe.

So I started experimenting while playing.

According to one of the Seven Hermetic Principles: As Above so Below and As Below So Above. This means that everything bigger, higher or whatever you want to think of it, follows the same principles of that which is smaller or lower and vice versa. This principle is said to be universal and it can be used on different mental, physical or spiritual planes. The most evident expression of this principle here on our physical experience is Sacred Geometry. Dig more into the topic if you feel interested, it’s fascinating (here is a good place to start).


Because I not only believe in what I share and what I think of this experience on Earth, I applied the principles I knew about life into this little game called Rummi Q. How you say? Well I repeated myself: I trust in the ways of the Universe, I trust I have all what I need, I trust I’m given what I’m needing even if I don’t know I need it… and so it shall all serve me.

My rational mind during the game was doing its thing. Calculating what moves to do next and what tiles did I need so that I could get rid of them all. Every time I was going to take a tile out of the pool I thought: I think I need a 13, but I’ll let you decide what serves me best (Universe/God). Funny enough it always worked not because I got the 13 I was looking for, but because I was open to the options that I was given and I received them as the divine gift that they are.

Now clearly I’m not talking about a simple game here, I’m talking about how life works! We can’t and we won’t have control over everything that will happen to us in our lives. Therefore I don’t have control over what tile will I reach for when I pull it out from the pool. So how can we create our reality? We play with the tiles we have and we either use them wisely or we curse them. It requires the trust and faith that many people claim and that very few actually have. In this sense we let go of our expectations of reaching for a 13 and we know that everything that comes will work in our favor.


The other participants in the game are also very important, they re-accommodate the conditions of the game continuously without knowing they may or “may not” favor us. If you get a tile that it’s completely out of context of what you were thinking, maybe someone will make you see it was useful, but it was a little bit ahead of time. Once again, same goes for real life. You never know what external factor that you’re not conscious of at the moment may favor you unexpectedly in your way.

Finally, I learned minds get easily stuck in one way of doing things. The logical path says: first do 1, then do 2 and finally 3. Because there is no way of getting to 2 at the moment my mind will either tell me: don’t do anything because you won’t get to 3, keep complaining about how you can’t get to 2 or sit and wait until 2 is available for whatever reason. That is just like not playing because the 13 numbered tile won’t come out for me. But once again, that’s what many of us do. People don’t trust divine timing, the divine ways of being or whatever is they are receiving (usually) and I believe it shouldn’t be this way.


People have been asking for years and years over and over again: What is the meaning of life. My answer is: If you believe there’s a meaning, live as so. If you want to give life a meaning give every aspect of your life a meaning, don’t only give a meaning to the “big stuff” like graduating college, finding a new boyfriend/girlfriend or traveling the world. Give meaning to the board game you play on weekends and everything in between…

Let me know how it goes.

Daniela ❥

PS: Know that every time the Universe is playing in your particular favor it’s also playing on everybodies’s favor. Sometimes that means that we aren’t supposed to “win” because that’s how the lesson we needed is be better given at that specific moment. At that same time the Universe is not only thinking on how to deliver this teaching to you but also to everybody that surrounds you. This means that we’re always living whats best for us, for others and for everyone and everything as a whole (yes, we are one).


Loving the brightest and the darkest parts of self ▼△

Well, this blog post goes along with a story of mine. This last week I had the opportunity to share with a mindfulness practitioner that does mindfulness workshops in the city where I live in. I really don’t know her very well, but I found in her and in her community a way of thinking about herself and others that I consider rather distorted. This is not something that is just exclusive of her or her teamwork, in fact I carried this particular distortion for part of my life and I know many people that do too in one way or another. By the way, I don’t have anything against her or anyone who carries this distortion, I just want to share what I’ve learned in life and what to me feels like a greater truth.

So let’s start from the beginning. When you look into who you are what do you see? Can you see the unified being that you are? Or do you see separation within you? I mean, do you see an evil-self and a good-self that alternate their duties during the day?



Many people see themselves like this. They see not only the good and the bad within themselves but they also see it in others. They are scared of themselves because of what the evil within can do if it goes out of control and therefore they are scared of others because of this same reason. Many, many people believe that due to their human condition they are condemmed to do wrong even if they don’t mean to. It is from this set of believes that they cary guilt within. They believe they will never be brighter than their human condition allows them and therefore they limit themselves from growth.


Let me tell you right away: in this experience on Earth we are prompt to make mistakes but that doesn’t make us evil, crooked or twisted in any way. It makes us art and a work in progress at the same time…

And why a work in progress? Because you came here to learn. To teach and learn, nothing else. To learn once again who you really are and how it feels to make mistakes, to feel lost and to live it ALL. Because only from all things, you can learn about the WHOLE.

And why art? I invite you to take a look at the things you’ve done that you call mistakes. Why did they happened? Go deeper and deeper into them. If you keep asking why to any answer that comes, you will finally find there is a distortion of love that resides within. While asking why just make sure you aren’t in a victimized mindset. Ask why from a place where you feel centered and in charge of your own life (because in fact you are), from this balanced state you allow growth.

Some examples of distortions of love that you may find within yourself:

  • Because I don’t love myself I seek love from others.
  • I need aggressiveness to communicate my thoughts because they need to be heard. I’m looking out for the person to whom I’m talking by being aggressive. Or maybe I feel more secure by pushing people away from me and being aggressive.
  • Because I love you I’m being overprotective.
  • I can’t trust you because I’m scared that I can get hurt. Maybe I don’t trust myself in being strong enough, maybe I don’t trust myself in opening my heart, maybe I don’t feel I deserve the love that I may receive if I open my heart. To sum up this one: I can’t trust you because in one way or another I can’t trust myself. And what is love but a clear exchange of love?
  • I give too much to others because I don’t take myself into account. I’m lacking self-love, I put myself last.

To mention some…

So what is in the root of all your darkness? Love.
And in the root of all you light? Love as well.


Here are some quotes that prove my point:

“God formed the first humans in His own image and after His own likeness”.~ Genesis (1:27)
“…God is love” ~ 1 John (4:8)

“The kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation, nor will people say, ‘Here it is’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is within you.” – Luke (17:21)

To go even further, we’ve all heard that God is in all things haven’t we? An Hinduism’s holy text called Bhagavad Gita says Krishna (God) is within all. Here’s a quote:

‘Although the Supersoul [i.e. God within], appears to be divided, He is never divided. He is situated as one.’ ~ Bhagavad Gita Chap 13, verse 17

Buddhists also think “Buddha” is within all. To explain further, Buddha is a name given to “the enlightened one” and therefore anyone who becomes enlightened to their fundamental truth and who becomes consciously connected with the whole, might be called a Buddha.

I’ve cited all of this texts because they are saying something important. There have been many religions or just believes of this sort along all history of humanity and there has to be a reason for it. Now, even though I agree that any of this texts have important messages, I advise anyone who is reading them to use their intuition so that they can identify misleading messages or misunderstandings that may arise. It’s not easy to tell when a text has been manipulated and we have to take a deeper look on things to see what is really true and what is not completely true. This goes not only for this texts but also for any information you might be exposed to. Listen to what resonates with you and to what sounds like a greater truth, that’s it.

Now let that last message sink in: God is in all things. Not in some, not in most, not in the ones he selected, not in some aspects of all things. IN ALL THINGS. I can say this is one of the biggest lessons in life.

Now, I could get really deep into how we are all connected and how there’s only one source of energy that creates all that exists, but I don’t think this post is about that. My intention through this post is to let you be aware that all that is, is love and that every aspect of yourself deserves to be loved. There’s no separation within you. There’s only one source from where everything comes and you have the chance to express it onto the world in whatever way you want, through whatever distortion you have. You are here to do so because you were given the gift of Free Will.


Imagine yourself like a light filter. The source of light (God), which is one for all filters/beings, is of the color white and therefore it contains all colors of existence. We as filters receive that light and we let it shine through us in a specific color. This color is a result of our essence, thoughts, believes, emotions, etc. We were given the chance to express that light even through our distortions. Once we begin to find how love is being expressed through our distortions and through other people’s distortions, we begin to heal. Through healing we stop blocking some light that wasn’t able to shine through us in its purest way (in a way that is more aligned with your particular greatest expression, with your true essence, your true-self) and therefore we become clearer vessels of light.

So how do we love every aspect of ourselves? Recognizing who we are, what all of creation is. By loving ourselves truly, all that we are, we are not only healing ourselves but we are also better serving others to help them heal too.

And do I have a list of steps for this as I usually do?
No. This is a constant processes, an ongoing lesson that we are bound to face every time something we don’t like about ourselves arises. Do you think I was lying when I said life was a fulltime job by itself in my last post?

Daniela ❥


If you’re ready to receive, let go… 🌀

I don’t know if you have noticed, but this hasn’t been a walk on the park kind of week. It’s almost as if we are being reminded of some reoccurring patterns that we thought where long gone (square between Venus and Neptune yesterday). We thought they were out of our system ever since March- April, but the memories of it are still beating and therefore we may feel as if these patterns had never left. Depending on the work you have done on yourself during this year, these patterns may actually be gone, they may need a last goodbye before we can flush it out of our system or they may still be there waiting for us to acknowledge them. This week’s square configurations between Uranus and Mars and Uranus and Sun will make sure to show us what our true situation at the moment is. If we were ignoring something in the past, it is coming up again.


Whatever is your case, I wanted to write this blog post for the sanity of all of us. Many times we ask for stuff, for feelings, for a state of mind that we would like to reach… From my own experience I feel like many people pray to God for exactly this reason. They feel that they are lacking therefore they need to ask for more. Through my experience here on Earth I have found that I don’t find sense in these prayers. Asking for things constantly because I don’t feel comfortable about my present moment takes me away the joy of being present and doesn’t make me grateful for this moment, which is actually perfect (with and without the things I think I want).


Let’s look at this from another perspective. Many people say: “God will never give you more than you can handle”. People look at this phrase and think of it as reassurance that whatever situation they are in, they will be able to go through it because God knew they could do it. I’m not taking credit away from this interpretation. In fact yes, the Creator constantly configures what might be best for us to experience so that we can learn what we should be learning. In other words yes: he knows we can go through it. Moreover, everything we are living right now we already agreed to live on a subconscious level and deep down we all know we can go through it. (Let’s sum the whole thing up like this, although remember we’re not separate from each other nor from the Creator)


Art by: Alex Grey

Now let’s look at the same phrase from another point of view. “God will never give you more than you can handle”. This statement also shows that nothing that you’re not ready to receive will ever come to you. Maybe you’re not ready to meet the love of your life because you haven’t learned to love yourself and if you met him/her you would screw it all up. Maybe you haven’t gotten that wonderful job you always dreamed of because you don’t feel strong enough to actually go and do it or go and look for it. Maybe you first need to feel capable of receiving, creating, reaching… and then you will receive.

So what do we need in order to receive? Let go. Make space. Make ourselves capable of handling. This week is all about this: Make space, clear your path and walk your talk.


And how we let go you ask? Sometimes I wish I knew the exact recipe. From my experience I can tell you the following:

  1. There’s nothing we can let go if we don’t consciously subscribe to our full time job called Life. There’s nothing you can change unless you become aware of yourself, of your being, of your thoughts, emotions, intuition, achievements and failures.
  2. Don’t be hard on yourself whenever you “fail”. This one has been a hard one for me. Even if I understand that there’s no actual failure I can still recreate the emotional attachments to the situation over and over again. If such feelings come: feel them. But look past them, remember you’re not a victim of what’s happening to you. You don’t need to prove to anyone how you felt and how you felt is no longer how you feel. Be present.
  3. Know that letting go requires practice but it’s also easier than it seems. Letting go is just another way of change and it may require re-defining ourselves. Why do I say this is easy? Because you’re not the same person you were yesterday nor a year ago… Unconsciously we’re already changing from day to day so why not do it consciously? YOU define yourself.
  4. Write a letter to yourself, to whomever and then burn it. Sometimes you don’t have to burn it and just writing about it may be a relief in itself. I do it all the time. Another thing you can do is talk to someone, tell them to listen to you. Not to give you advice, not to judge you, not to play “the know-it-all” roll but just to listen to you. I can’t state how many people in this world feel like they are not being listened.
  5. Trust that once you’ve stated you want to let go, it is gone. Act accordingly. Many people want to let go and then go back to the whole issue because they want to recreate it all, because they still need to forgive… In other words, they don’t want to let go.

So, do you want to let go? Are you willing to create space so that you can receive? Use this week to the fullest for this purpose. Later on it will become more uncomfortable to let go and it will be even more necessary.

Daniela ❥



Feeling like a 13th of July 2017

Let’s talk about the available energy for this couple days near the moon’s last quarter that is happening on Sunday (on my side of the world) in Aries. Bellow you can see how the sky looks like today!


Today I found a really interesting configuration upon the sky and I just had to write about it. There’s a pentagram in the sky conformed by Mercury, Venus, Pluto, Jupiter and Neptune (who is sharing it’s placement with the Moon). A pentagram is a symbol of equilibrium between the different energies that compose our reality here on planet Earth. These energies are: Water, Earth, Fire, Air and Spirit. Let’s keep in mind that all elements are the same in essence although they carry different degrees of vibration in their physical form.


The arrangement of this pentagram brings us a feeling of equilibrium between us and the Earth if we choose to connect with it. It reminds us that we didn’t came here to prove anyone anything, we came here to do our job and be ourselves (our job is to be ourselves, our true selves). It also teaches us humility. It teaches us that our words may light up a whole room by the light that reaches to others through them, or it may darken it by the light it takes away from others due to our need for attention. We must keep our words and our thoughts true to ourselves, to what we truly are in essence, to our Spirit.

On the other hand, today we are reminded to trust our gut feeling, go with the flow of life and act on it. Today and tomorrow are wonderful days to connect with other people and work for our desires. We may have many ways we think we can achieve our desires at this point but this is actually because we are aligning to our best path in order to make it happen. We may need changes in our thought patterns or an expansion of our minds in order to really be able to follow our path, trust the process. On this moments be sure to be creative and to really feel what you’re feeling so you can let it go of it if it needs to go. Take time to listen to yourself in meditation today clearing all emotional baggage now that the moon is in Pisces joining not only Neptune but also the South Node.


Now that we’re talking about the moon, know that our emotions are being highlighted. We may be feeling dreamy today because of the close conjunction between the Moon and Neptune. Be careful and do not ignore things that you have to take care of before the eclipse season starts in August. Don’t lose your focus even if there’s a sense of blissfulness in your life at the moment. Know that having schedules, planning your day ahead, being on time and keeping promises are all ways to grow. In order to grow you need order and structure in your life, always.


Big changes are coming up ahead, trust and do your part. Life doesn’t always make things easy for us but it’s always because there’s a lesson that we’re reluctant to learn. A personal advice I have for you, from my heart to yours, is to step back away from the situation that’s hurting you and take a look at it from and other perspective. Stepping back may mean getting physically away from the situation or just closing your eyes, clearing your mind and taking yourself away from it. Seeing it from another perspective may require time or, once again, just closing your eyes and clearing your mind. There’s no better way of doing things, sometimes time allows us to process learnings that weren’t available for us in the past and that’s OK, it’s part of life! None of us come here knowing it all.

Spread the love people! 🌠

Daniela ❥